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How do i draw a texture2D in a specific area (rectangle) where the texture is bigger than the rectangle, and i dont want to draw outside the rectangle. So that means i want to cut the texture so it fits the rectangle area (if its too big).

For example if the rectangle area is 200 x 100 and my texture (the smiley) is 200 x 150 then i want to cut the last 50 off so it only draws 200 x 100


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You can use SpriteBatch.Draw(Texture2D, Rectangle, Nullable<Rectangle>, Color)

public void Draw (
         Texture2D texture,
         Rectangle destinationRectangle,
         Nullable<Rectangle> sourceRectangle,
         Color color

compare the size of the destinationRectangle and the size of the texture. Next you need to take the lowest values ​​and using them in sourceRectangle

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