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I'm looking for game engines. I'm not looking for things like OPENGL, DirectX, or Irrlitcht; those are game libraries?

Also can it be C++ native code?

So any good ones out there?

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  • "Questions that are about "which tech to use" are outside the scope of the site. For more information, see this meta post" – Josh Petrie
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These kinds of questions don't fit in here, this site is meant for active game developers to ask questions about specific problems, so those answers can be archived and referenced later. Your question is not only off-topic, but leads me to believe you are quite misinformed. The topics C++ and beginner don't exist in the same world. Also, OpenGL and DirectX are low level graphics API's (sits on top of user mode driver), not game libraries. Finally, C++ native code, as opposed to C++ what code? I would recommend you do some more research, as their are countless good resources on the web. – Evan Sep 15 '13 at 23:04