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When constructing an orientation matrix, are the rows of the matrix the axis?

The matrix is row-major and I'm multiplying vectors on the right (Mv). So, the matrix looks like

r0c0 r0c1 r0c2
r1c0 r1c1 r1c2
r2c0 r2c1 r2c2
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From a mathematical point of view, it depends on in which order you are multiplying the vectors with the matrix.

  • Using a row-vector (v) and multiplying it with a matrix (A) as v∙A, then the rows will act as the axes.
  • Using a column-vector (v) and multiplying a matrix (A) with it as A∙v, then the columns will act as the axes.
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That depends, if it is in row major form then yes, for column major form no.

Where does this matrix come from?

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Please elaborate. Did I give you enough info to do so? – zooropa Dec 2 '10 at 14:54

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