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I am facing a new problem by using chain shape. The collision between two chain shape bodies doesn't happen as the collision between normal bodies. So is this normal behaviour or am i doing anything wrong?

Following are the code for this purpose.

            ChainShape mChainShape = new ChainShape();
            Vector2[] mVector2 = new Vector2[lineList.size()];

            for (int i = 0; i < lineList.size(); i++) {
                    mVector2[i] = new Vector2(lineList.get(i).getX1()
                                    / PhysicsConstants.PIXEL_TO_METER_RATIO_DEFAULT,
                                    / PhysicsConstants.PIXEL_TO_METER_RATIO_DEFAULT);

            FixtureDef mFixtureDef = new FixtureDef();
            Body mChainBody;
            BodyDef mBodyDef = new BodyDef();
            mBodyDef.type = BodyType.DynamicBody;
            mChainBody = mPhysicsWorld.createBody(mBodyDef);
            mFixtureDef.shape = mChainShape;
            mFixtureDef.density = 1f;
            mFixtureDef.friction = 0.5f;
            mFixtureDef.restitution = 0.5f;

if I want to create body based on touch coordinates then this thing possible or not?

Please give any guidance in this.

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