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Greetings fine people,

I'm currently thinking of a way to map multiple 'areas' of a 2dSS on a top-down overworld map in a way that you wouldn't need to transition onto an overworld and then walk to a different area of the map like a lot of the older RPGs.

So I'm thinking, what if I keep looping an area (horizontal loop) until the player chooses a different path via an in-game overlay / menu map?

To better understand, please take a look at this IMAGE


Do you think this is viable? Any other roadblocks you can think of regarding this?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi and welcome to the site. You probably need to explain what you already tried and where you got stuck; general "hey can I get advice" questions are generally too broad or off-topic. –  ashes999 Jul 4 '13 at 19:32
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