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I'm trying to draw a filled rectangle in Libgdx and according to the API this should work:


But it gives me an error and tells me to change FilledRectangle to Filled, Pointor Line.

imports: import;

Any ideas on what is causing this?

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If you read the documentation, you'll see that ShapeRenderer.ShapeType is an enum with the following values defined:


So the error message you're receiving is accurate.

If you want to draw a filled rectangle, choose the Filled enum type, then use shape rederer to draw a rectangle:

 shapeRenderer.translate(20, 12, 2);
 shapeRenderer.rotate(0, 0, 1, 90);
 shapeRenderer.rect(-width / 2, -height / 2, width, height);
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With LibGdx 0.9.8 they removed ShapeyType.Rectangle, ShapeType.FilledRectangle and introduced Filled, Line, Point to optimize the shape rendering.

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