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I'm drawing simple 2D line shapes using coordinate sets (for example, moveTo(x,y) drawTo(x,y)). I would like a tool that is like a sheet of graph paper. When I click on intersection points it records the coordinates I clicked and prints them to a dialog box.

Hopefully it would be a simple website in javascript or something. Does such a thing exist?

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This is kind of a which tech to use question. There really isn't a single correct answer to the question. – Byte56 Jun 29 '13 at 6:57
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This tool allows you to point and click to select points, and then draw a Line, Polyline or Polygon. It will print out the points data required.

enter image description here

There's quite a few out there that offer a similar functionality, but they're meant for use on maps. This one is a decent one that displays point information right away.

enter image description here

This one is a little bit the opposite, you mark the points and it draws them, however, you can then use matrices to transform the shape you've drawn. (You may want to use it here, as it's not cut off by bad page margins)

enter image description here

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I have made a simple tool that allows for point drawing, image overlaying, and also matrix transforms. It's open source on github. Here's the demo:

BMX-PointTool screenshot

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