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my animation artist has made me a nice first person pair of arms, animated it, textured it, and given it to me. Then he went on vacation.

I am programming my animations, and I am trying to test the model he has given me. Building my project gives me a warning:

Multiple skeletons were found in the file. The first skeleton, named "frame l upperarm" has been moved to be a child of the scene root. The other, "frame r upperarm", will be ignored. Fragment identifier "frame r upperarm".

Then an error:

"Vertex is bound to bone "frame l forearm", but this bone is not present in the skeleton."

I realize this means that there are two skeletons, as said in this problem: Importing 3d model with multiple skeletons

I have 3DS Max, but I have no idea how to use it, and Google/CGTalk/Plycount turn up nothing relevant on how to add a root bone or combine skeletons.

If anyone knows how, it would help me out greatly. Thanks.

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prolly easier to do than to explain. email to me and I'll give it a shot (see my profile for address) –  Steve H Jun 28 '13 at 1:18
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