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Is there a lightweight open source library that would allow me to get PS3 controller input and use it in a program (for OS X and Windows) that I am writing in Java? The alternatives I were looking at were SDL and OIS, but they aren't coded in Java so I would have to write a Java wrapper.

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3 <-- 5 seconds on Google indicates that you wouldn't need to write your own wrapper. – Sean Middleditch Jun 27 '13 at 0:20
This post is six years old, but I hope it will help you. – Nick Caplinger Jun 27 '13 at 15:26

After doing a little research I found a good library I could use called jinput. This tutorial helps you install it and start up a basic programming. I used this tutorial to install Jinput but ended up not using the library that the author offers.

For using netbeans if you get stuck at the step where you have to add the .jnilib put the file path in the virtual machine options under right click your project >project > run.Then add something like this Djava.library.path="/path-to-folder-of-the-jnilib" Put the path to the folder where it is located not the actual file.

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