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Lua has been really awesome to learn, it's so simple. I really enjoy scripting languages, and I had an equally enjoyable time learning Python.

The Love engine,, is really awesome, but I'm looking for something that can handle 3D as well. Is there anything that accommodates 3D in Lua? I'm still intrigued by the particle system of LOVE anyway and may just turn my idea into a 2D project with Particle lighting :)

EDIT: I removed comments about Python - I want this to be a Lua topic. Thanks

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You may want to keep an eye on Polycode. It is a 2D/3D framework written in C++ that has a complete set of lua bindings. Polycode is about to be rereleased with improved Lua bindings and a Lua IDE.

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For a new promising 3D Lua based engine take a look at Maratis. It's coming long well, and currently targets PC, Mac and IOS. I'm personally looking at porting it to Android, and adding more 3D loading functionality. I have done a lot of searching for Lua+3D and this is about it when it comes to mobile platform targeting with minimal cost as well!

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Shiva 3D might be what you're looking for.

Shiva 3D

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Still looking for comments, but I'll answer in regards to LOVE. LOVEs strengths lie in 2D projects, but there are people on the forums submitting experiments related to either 3D drawing or 3D lighting in 2D environments, both of which are cool and worth checking out.

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Spring is a 3D RTS engine that supports Lua, I never used, so I don't know how much it supports.

There are several other engines out there too.

The Lua engine I use, Novashell is 2D too, so it don't fit what you want.

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LuaAV might be a good option. It is closer to creative coding frameworks like Openframeworks than a traditional game engine, and currently Mac OS X and Linux only, but it supports 3D graphics and integrates a lot of powerful support libraries (OpenCL, OpenCV, Kinect, fluids, etc.) It is built with LuaJIT, so its performance will be better than the vanilla Lua interpreter.

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Project Anarchy was released a few months ago for FREE to develop and deploy for mobile platforms. They are supposed to be releasing a Pro License within a month that will let you deploy to Consoles and Desktop. Project Anarchy uses Havok's tools and you can code in C++ or Lua. If you don't know who Havok is I suggest you look into them. The Havok tool set is nothing short of amazing and has been used for a very long time to create AAA titles, except they were only available for larger companies. Now that they are starting to release them to everyone, things will surely become interesting.

Once the community grows and there are all kinds of tutorials and a big community to help on the forum, pretty sure this will be your best choice by far. They are also working on 2D game development components, which just might make this the best 2D Lua engine as well, since it allows you to deploy to pretty much every platform and device out there. Now the question is how much the Pro License will be. I will update when it comes out.

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The best 3D engine I know that uses Lua is Leadwerks.

That said, I would also tend to recommend Unity for 3D games. You won't be programming in Lua, but it'll be a similar gain in productivity.

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