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My friend tested my game on a Motorola Defy (with CyanogenMod v4.x, I don't remember exact version number, and she is not reachable now).

My game uses OpenGL ES (v1.1, and in another activity, v2.0). She reported that during each "new game" start, several textures are missing, so game graphics is partially rendered only. Sometimes all textures are loaded.(Note that we release textures properly. No leak is present.)

We use power-of-two textures. The app works fine on a variety of non-CyanogenMod Android devices (including phones and tablets with Android versions between 2.2 and 4.2). That is, it worked fine on all test devices we've tested it on so far.

OpenGL ES does not return any glError, but I noticed that some texture IDs are negative (they are stored in an int in Java, so I thought this is OK). Unlike in case of standard Android devices (where texture IDs are 1,2,3,4,...), this device seems to return totally random-looking texture IDs.

So these are the details. I'm wondering why sometimes all textures appear and at other times, only some of them.

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What is your question? I can assume a couple things; but what are you actually looking for? –  Nate Jun 19 '13 at 17:20
Oh sorry, I completely forgot to put the question itself. Updated the end of the post. BTW I assume we load too many textures, so sometimes the texture memory might be too low for them. –  Thomas Calc Jun 20 '13 at 6:37
This looks like a memory issue - loading too many (or too big) textures. But without further information, hard to say. Also a good candidate for "Too Localized" :) –  sm4 Jun 20 '13 at 7:46
I guess the first step would be to identify if your app runs on any CyanogenMod devices. You mention your app works on non-CyanogenMod, question is, does it run on any CyanogenMod? Your current sample size is one, so you don't know if it is this device, CyanogenMod, or your app that is causing the issue. I'd try to test on more CyanogenMod devices. –  Nate Jun 20 '13 at 15:17
OK, I'll try. sm4: I just voted for "too localized", let it be. Actually, I "flagged" it, as a I see no voting link. –  Thomas Calc Jun 20 '13 at 18:41

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