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I have created an android app for drawing of lines,circles.. by using GLSurfaceView in OpenGLES 2.0 like an Auto cad app. The app works well with Google Nexus 7, in the sense that if we draw a line & then a circle the line doesn't get erased in surface view But with Samsung Galaxy Note II, it is entirely different. The line previously drawn before a circle being drawn, gets erased. i.e., each time if we draw a new line or circle, the previous one gets erased.I can draw only one image at a time. What I need is the same output which I get in Google Nexus 7 in Samsung Galaxy Note II. .e.I want to draw more than one image in the GLSurfaceView at a time.

Note : Both the Android OS in Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note II are Jelly Bean 4.2. But both devices are different GPU. Google Nexus 7 GPU is ULP GeForce & Samsung Galaxy Note II is Mali400MP.

Would this be an issue in the rendering of output of the Surfaceview ?

Should we take into account of GPU while Coding ?

Can anyone tell me why this problem of different output in different devices ?

Thanks Advance..

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