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I am currently moving my old slick2d project to libgdx. I have created a custom AnimationExt class that extends Animation to which I added a draw method. The Animation's frames are actually TextureRegion so I draw current frame TextureRegion. Here is the code, it's pretty simple.

    public class AnimationExt extends Animation {

    float stateTime=0;
    TextureRegion currentFrame=null;
    boolean isStopped=false;

    public void draw(SpriteBatch batch,float x, float y,int originX, int originY, float xscale, float yscale, boolean hMirror, boolean vMirror, float angle, boolean clockwise){
            stateTime += Gdx.graphics.getDeltaTime();

        batch.draw(currentFrame, x-currentFrame.getRegionWidth()/2, y-currentFrame.getRegionHeight()/2,currentFrame.getRegionWidth(),currentFrame.getRegionHeight());

    public AnimationExt(float frameDuration,
            Array<? extends TextureRegion> keyFrames, int playType) {
        super(frameDuration, keyFrames, playType);

This code works well. BUT when I add parameters to the batch.draw method (originX, originY, scaleX, scaleY, angle, clockwise) like this:

batch.draw(currentFrame, x-currentFrame.getRegionWidth()/2, y-currentFrame.getRegionHeight()/2,originX,originY,currentFrame.getRegionWidth(),currentFrame.getRegionHeight(),xscale,yscale,angle,clockwise);

The drawing method goes crazy: it draws the texture rotated to -90 (whereas the angle I entered was 0) and it the width and height are inverted. To fix this I had to do change the code like that :

batch.draw(currentFrame, x+currentFrame.getRegionWidth()/2, y-currentFrame.getRegionHeight()/2,originX,originY,currentFrame.getRegionHeight(),currentFrame.getRegionWidth(),xscale,yscale,90+angle,clockwise);

But I don't want to keep this code as I'm pretty sure it's weird and I want to know why does the drawing method have such a weird behaviour when adding more parameters. By the way, I'm using the very last nightly builds of 17th June.

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