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i've setup the newest version of glfw & glew on mingw (i'm using windows 7). I've previously used freeglut & glew but i switched to glfw because i've heard it was better for games. So my problem is that when ever i use the function glCreateShader(GLenum mode) and compile&run my program instantly goes unresponsive. I have never had this problem on freeglut so i'm a bit confused because from what i understand glew is the one incharge of gl functions. please help. i have included glew.h before glfw3.h and i have called glewInit() after creating a context with glfw. thanks for reading i can include source code if necessary. btw i'm programing with c/c++

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Have you tried using the debugger? Getting error codes from OpenGL? What have you tried? –  Byte56 Jun 17 '13 at 13:57
A small bit of isolated code which still causes the problem might be useful, also... –  Luke San Antonio Jun 18 '13 at 0:53
You don't give much information, but I suggest using glGetError(), glGetShaderInfoLog() and glGetProgramInfoLog(). –  SurvivalMachine Feb 18 at 18:25

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