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I am making a tiled based game, I want not to let the camera show places, where there is no map... this is a obvious solution I got from a tutorial

}else if(camera.position.x>map.width*map.tileWidth-400){

}else if(camera.position.y>map.height*map.tileHeight-240){


but I don't know how to get width & height of the tiledMap in the latest version of libgdx

Seems strange... I even tried the Super classes but couldn't find. Please help.

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TiledMap tiledMap = new TmxMapLoader().load("path/to/tiled/map.tmx");   
MapProperties prop = tiledMap.getProperties();

int mapWidth = prop.get("width", Integer.class);
int mapHeight = prop.get("height", Integer.class);
int tilePixelWidth = prop.get("tilewidth", Integer.class);
int tilePixelHeight = prop.get("tileheight", Integer.class);

int mapPixelWidth = mapWidth * tilePixelWidth;
int mapPixelHeight = mapHeight * tilePixelHeight;

The mapWidth and mapHeight are the dimensions of the map in tiles. So they would both be 10 in a 10x10 grid. The tilePixelWidth and tilePixelHeight are the dimensions of the tiles in pixels. In a 32x32 tileset they would both be 32. Multiplying the dimensions together you will get the map dimensions in pixels.

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Hi there, mobo! Could you explain a little bit more about the snippet? It might help others. – Vaughan Hilts Jun 13 '13 at 14:05
MapProperties is just an Object map that holds any properties of the TileMap. If you are using a .tmx file its any of the properties in the first line: width, height, tilewidth, tileheight, orientation are all there by default. The cod was wrong and I am fixed it. – mobo Jun 13 '13 at 14:19
Thanks a lot - your contribution is appreciated I'm sure. :) – Vaughan Hilts Jun 13 '13 at 14:38
Thanks man, this helped me a lot :) – Rohwedder Jan 22 at 21:15

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