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I have recently found that in Photoshop there is a script that enables you to export individual images on different layers into distinct png images on disk.

Is it GIMP capable of doing the same thing and how?

I have a sprite sheet (png image) and there are 36 perfectly aligned images in 4 rows (64x64 pixels each). I have to cut and export 36 times.

Can be GIMP of some help here? I don't have Photoshop.

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You can use Guillotine to slice the image along the guides or take a look at this plugin, which is used to make tiles out of an image - which is what you probably want.

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although not fully automated it does what it does perfectly i.e slices all subimages into distinct gimp windows for export. thanks – Vlad Jun 10 '13 at 14:04

I would recommend looking into Python and the Python Imaging Library.

I am developing my first cocos2d game and following guidance from a book, I am using the technique of slicing an image to use as the scrolling background of the game. The author recommends having each slice on a different layer in a image-editing program and exporting them to TexturePacker.

Having spent 10 minutes, with Pixelmator, trying to figure out how to slice and copy each slice, and getting no where, I thought "%?@$ that!" and turned to scripting.

  1. It took 30 seconds to install py27-pil using macports.
  2. It took me 30 minutes to develop a python script and allows an input image to be sliced into n-pieces (and I am no Python expert).
  3. It takes 3 seconds to run the script (the input is 2048x1534).

Here's a link to the script, if anyone's interested.

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