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I am new to 2d art and I had a question about the ground part of a level. What does the workflow look like for a 2d game like Dust: An Elysian Tale or Shank 1-2? I want to do that kind of ground where there is some depth to it, and I was wondering how you would go about connecting this to make a level.

I use illustrator for all my art, as I find it faster than pure photoshop. Would I draw the ground and make it tilable? Or would I draw the entire ground of my level as one piece of art. I can't seem to figure out how Dust does the art for the ground. I really want to have a good efficient workflow for doing the art that is walkable in the game. Thank you for any input/workflow guidance for this style of 2d art.

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Looks like the main layer is made up of tileable elements and then parallax is used on a single image for the background layers. – gareththegeek Jun 10 '13 at 12:25

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