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Many years ago I did some programming in TurboPascal (on DOS!), but have not programmed since. Since retiring, I have "invented" a few solitaire games that I have given to people who sell solitaire collections. Recently I've invented a game that is different enough from existing solitaires that it does not "fit" into these collection packages. I would have no difficulty writing a simple program to do the job in TP, but that is no longer an option. I purchased BlitzPlus, but would like some help getting started. I hate the idea of reinventing the wheel; ie, learning from scratch how to shuffle decks, assign graphic files to cards in the program, etc, so, ideally, I'd like some basic source code from a very basic (ie, nothing fancy required) solitaire program, but, if necessary, would start from just tutorials on some of the procedures likely to be required. As I said, I've already purchased BlitzPlus, but would be willing to use some other language if that would be better or offer more tutorial assistance. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Welcome, but you might want to rephrase your question - there is a rule of 'not asking how to make an entire game'. Maybe 'What resources exist for solitaire like games?' – The Communist Duck Nov 17 '10 at 18:06

I've never coded a card-game but I feel like encouraging a beginning game programmer. So I just accumulated little bit of resources from the internet.

This is a solitaire game in java and since I thought you might not be familiar with concepts like svn i am including a link to the source code directory which you might find useful.The site above I mentioned uses the Java programming language.I think the only things you might need to do will be

  1. Modifying the art assets in the above project
  2. Changing the game-play to suit your ai.

Best Wishes.

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Here's a few links that might help. One is C++ and the other is in Visual Basic, but you may be able to glean something from them and get started. The C++ site is a project assignment from a college and is pretty much just an outline.

Visual Basic

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You could try using Actionscript 3.0 (flash) to build 2D card games. Here are a couple of tutorials: 1) 2) 3)you could check out: (it has a lot of tutorials)

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