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I'm building a game where both gameplay AND assets are primarily based on procedural generation of rules. Asset features; like colors, meshes, and textures, are associated with game rules, which will hopefully allow me to generate environments that directly communicate to the player what sort of expectations they should have.

This is a one-programmer team, so iteration time is important. I want a framework that provides a simple and straightforward game abstraction, but there are a few low-level things I need to be able to mess with.

Our game will feature a set of isomorphic meshes whereby new characters and character types can be generated through weighted interpolations (by bone preferably). I also need a good deal of flexibility for manipulating textures on the fly, so that I may also blend different skin types for bump maps and create some interesting things.

I'll probably do the physics myself, as it is fairly simple- so I really just need an unobtrusive scene manager and renderer.

Three confining requirements-- I need said SDK to work under linux, and I would like to be able to target mobile platforms. I'm planning to implement some net-play features, so that's something I'd like available.

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