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I downloaded some 3ds Max scene models, and I want to use these scenes in ShiVa 3D game engine.

For example, I have this scene, and when I tried to use some tools to export the scene and loaded it in ShiVa game engine, it cannot show the pictures on the scene.(Part of the scene looks like this picture)

I know a method is to export all the pictures in the scene and map it in ShiVa, but it is quite troublesome and complicated. Is there a way to correctly export the 3ds Max scene?


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What format are you exporting to? It's possible that the format you're exporting to, cannot understand some of the 3DS Max features. Or, the texturing used for the scene in .max is modified by plugins, that often break the exporting for Max. – joltmode Jun 5 '13 at 15:16
all you should really need to do is export each model (or group of models if they don't separate from each other outside of animations) to FBX format and import them. I'm not really familiar with ShiVa 3D but FBX is a pretty standard format so it should work. – Benjamin Danger Johnson Jun 5 '13 at 15:42

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