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there is a text box on GUI in my application created using Unity3D. in the textbox user can input only the keys of "A-Z", "0-9" , "enter key" , "." and "," other key press should be ignored (not should print in textbox when typing). how to do this in Unity3D C#

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I'm assuming you're using GUI.TextField?

It doesn't appear that there's a built-in way to restrict the text field's legal input set, however, you can achieve the validation behavior you want by writing a script:

public class LimitInput : MonoBehaviour {
  public void OnGUI() {
    text = GUI.TextField(..., text);
    text = /* replace offending text here */

  string text = string.Empty;

A simple implementation of the replacement might be along the lines of text = text.Replace("!", "") for example (to remove all ! characters). To implement the specifics of your request, you'll probably want regular expressions.

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