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i'm drawing a text using a spritefont and the draw.string function of the spritebatch object. in some point, i need to augment the size of the text, so i use a variable to scale it. all this is working fine, but i need to find the center of the text to use as origin to make the effect look like i want. how can i find that center point of a text? when i use textures its easy because i just take half the texture width and height, but with a spritefont, i dont have any idea of how to proceed. Thanks.

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You need to use SpriteFont.MeasureString.

Vector2 textSize = mySpriteFont.MeasureString("Hello World");
Vector2 center = textSize / 2;

The x component of textSize represents the width of the measured string while the y component represents the height.

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great, that is the answer, it works perfectly. thanks! – pablopp83 May 24 '13 at 18:12

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