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I've been learning Java for a while, and with my aims of being a game developer later in life, I've came across Slick2D+lwjgl and following tutorials and making some little things. However; I don't have a clue what to do when it comes to the tileD maps. here's what I've done so far; I've made my map and it's called map.tmx and it has collision objects in it, how do I get my code to run this map and the sprite to "interact" with it. Thanks for any help :)

Edit: I got it rendered onto the program... but how can I make the sprite stop on some platforms I've made? :)

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You need to create polygons to check for collisions and check them every step in updating the position. I found example in the internet and try translate comments to English. You can download example.

Other way is creating collision map, like this

P.S. Sorry for Google-translate.

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