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So, to be brief, I'm trying to teleport a pawn when it's struck by a projectile (or damaged by any weapon in my game.)

Right now, I'm trying to just call Pawn.SetLocation in the projectile's ProcessTouch. That's a problem because ProcessTouch will hit any actor, not just a pawn. Additionally, any attempts to check the ProcessTouch's "Actor Other" throws errors.

I've tried a bunch of solutions (including making a event TakeDamage in the Pawn controller class,) but to no avail.

    simulated function ProcessTouch(Actor Other, Vector HitLocation, Vector HitNormal)
         if (Other != Instigator)
              //This is where the Other.TakeDamage goes if we are using a traditional gun.
              if (Other == Pawn);

This code complains that Pawn's a bad expression. How else should I check actor type here?

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I think you miss to cast your pawn as :

if( myDesiredClass(Other) != none)

Check it and give me feedback if you face any new problem.

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