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1 - Does Blender have a main menu, and if so, how do I make it appear? This is what I'm looking at currently:

2 - Also, that text panel at the top, that is as large as I can make it. Is there any way to make it taller? Or change the panel layout...?

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Yes, It does have a main menu and you must have hidden it.

There is a small plus sign in the upper right corner of the 3D view. Click on it and it should do the trick.

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If by main menu, you mean the toolbar, you can access that by pressing T. The properties panel can be accessed by pressing N. And the majority of settings are changed in the properties editor(the default panel in the lower right hand corner. If there's ever a tool that you want to access, but cant remember it's location, use the search bar(SPACE).

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