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I have an object going across the screen with an animation using the following code:

CCSpriteSheet projectileSheet = CCSpriteSheet.spriteSheet("ninjastar.png");
ArrayList<CCSpriteFrame> projectileSprites = new ArrayList<CCSpriteFrame>();

for (int i = 1; i <= 4; i++) {
    projectileSprites.add(CCSpriteFrameCache.spriteFrameByName("ninjastar" + i + ".png"));

CCAnimation projectileAnimation = CCAnimation.animation("throw", 0.1f, projectileSprites);
CCSprite projectile = CCSprite.sprite(projectileSprites.get(0));
CCAction projectileAction = CCRepeatForever.action(CCAnimate.action(projectileAnimation, false));
projectile.setPosition(CGPoint.ccp(winSize.width + (projectile.getContentSize().width / 2.0f), actualY));
    actionMove = CCMoveTo.action(actualDuration, CGPoint.ccp(-projectile.getContentSize().width / 2.0f + 320, actualY));
CCCallFuncN actionMoveDone = CCCallFuncN.action(this, "spriteMoveFinished");
CCSequence actions = CCSequence.actions(actionMove, actionMoveDone);

I'm using "spriteMoveFinished" to remove the sprite once it is done going across the screen:

public void spriteMoveFinished(Object sender) {
CCSprite sprite = (CCSprite)sender;
removeChild(sprite, true);

However, when the sprite gets to the end of the screen it just stays stuck there on the last frame. How do I remove it completely?

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The projectile is added to projectileSheet, but being removed from current layer or scene, rather than removing from projectileSheet. The last line of spriteMoveFinished should be

projectileSheet.removeChild(sprite, true);

or better use

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Thank you very much that works! – Frozsht May 15 '13 at 3:24

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