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i have two object like this :

b2WeldJointDef weldJoint; //frist body bodyDefXich.type = b2_dynamicBody; bodyDefXich.position.Set(3, 2);

b2FixtureDef fixtureDef;

b2PolygonShape polygonShape;
polygonShape.SetAsBox(2 ,2 );
fixtureDef.shape = &polygonShape;
//    fixtureDef.density = 0.1;
bodyXich = world->CreateBody( &bodyDefXich);
bodyXich->CreateFixture( &fixtureDef );

//body 2
bodyDefXich1.type = b2_dynamicBody;
bodyDefXich1.position.Set( 9,2);

b2FixtureDef fixtureDef1;
b2PolygonShape polygonShape1;
fixtureDef1.shape = &polygonShape1;
bodyXich2 = world->CreateBody( &bodyDefXich1);
bodyXich2->CreateFixture( &fixtureDef1 );

weldJoint.Initialize(bodyXich, bodyXich2, bodyXich->GetWorldCenter());
weldJoint.localAnchorA.Set(0, 0);
weldJoint.localAnchorB.Set(0, 0);


i joint them with weld joint.

i set : bodyXich->ApplyForce(b2Vec2(500, 0), bodyDefXich.position);

but just only body move. (with weld joint i want two body move when i applyForce into a body).

Thank u very much !!!

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