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I searched, but I can't find specifically how to render animated 2D sprites with an alpha channel onto a 3D polygon, z=0, in OpenGL ES 2.0.

This is just a basic 2D concept, but since I'm using, OpenGL ES 2.0, I need to use 3D vertex data to render to the viewport. I'm also assuming I'll need a 0.01 like z-depth projection matrix.

I don't know if I load parts of the bitmap first onto the texture data, or just use a large texture and manipulate the UV onto the 2D/3D vertices? Should it all be done in a shader?, if so, how would that be done (using uniforms and attributes in a shader)? What is the best technique for this? When do I update the animation as well, in the draw function or a separate update function?

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You should post your current draw and update code. –  Seth Battin May 4 '13 at 4:45
Have you tried using an orthographic projection? What else have you tried? Also, you might want to read opengl-tutorial.org. –  sarahm May 4 '13 at 10:02

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