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I have a ID3D11Texture2D (that I've created manually) inside a ID3D11ShaderResourceView. When I want to Release() the resource view, do I need to Release() the texture that it is inside too? Or is it not necessary to do so?

Msdn doc and Google couldn't help me on this one. :/

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Yes. Any reference you have to a D3D object needs a Release() call when you're done with it. It doesn't matter whether another object might also have a reference to it. The object will not be deleted until all references to it are gone, so it's safe to Release() the texture as soon as you don't need the pointer to it anymore. If it's also referenced by an SRV, that reference will keep it alive until the SRV is also deleted.

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Thanks for your answer. So this would be okay to do? HRESULT res = d3dDevice->CreateShaderResourceView(ret_texture, &desc, &SRV); ret_texture->Release(); // ... Do more stuff with SRV object – Kaboose Apr 29 '13 at 17:07
@Kaboose Yes, that should be fine. – Nathan Reed Apr 29 '13 at 17:09

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