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My world has a gravity of -9.8 and there are KDynamicBodyType bodies falling from the sky. At the bottom there is a PhysicsSprite with KinematicBodyType. I want the PhysicsSprite to be able to catch the bananas on its head and pile them on till they start falling.

So far I have:

  • Created a polygon for the PhysicsSprite
  • The falling bodies do fall on the polygon and get stuck but when I move the PhysicsSprite the bodies that fell on the polygon no longer stay with it. Meaning they don't stay on its head. When PhysicsSprite moves, the falling bodies just fall down and follow gravity.

What would be a best way to create a deep arc polygon on top of the PhysicsSprite such that the bodies falling from the sky would stay in the polygon and when the PhysicsSprite moves, the bodies that fell in the polygon move along with it as well. The bodies would keep piling on till balance can't be maintained and then they would start falling out of the polygon.

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