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I usually develop apps for Windows 8, not related to games. Now I have a good idea and I want to code it; where should I start? I read on the net that there was support to XNA for Windws Phone 7, then now for Windows Phone 8 there isn't a 2D Api.

Where and what should I start to learn? Is there any book?


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Check out DirectX Tool Kit, which includes a number of classes for C++/DirectX that are similar to classes in XNA, including SpriteBatch for 2D drawing. It works on Windows Phone 8.

There is support for Windows Phone 7 phone apps (ie: XNA) to run on Windows Phone 8 - but it's kind of kludgy. Unless you specifically want to support WP7, you should perhaps use the newer technology.

Apparently there's also a version of MonoGame for Windows Phone 8, if you'd like to stick with C#/XNA.

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