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I followed these instructions for Mac OS X using an existing IDE (shell + text editor) instead of the Eclipse ADT thingy. I activated “Use Host GPU”, and installed Intel HAXM. Installing the ouya-framework.apk and ouya-launcher.apk appears to go well. But when I start up my AVD there’s a dialog box saying “Unfortunately, the OUYA Launcher has stopped.”, I still get the choice of starting up the OUYA Launcher. When I do so there’s another dialog box saying “Can’t play this video”. I skip the controller settings, and then there’s a JOIN A WIRELESS NETWORK screen which I can’t get past.

This is the ODK 1.0.2, and I tried it using both Mac OS X 10.8.3 and 10.7.5.

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The wireless network problem has been discussed on the OUYA forums. It seems impossible to proceed beyond that point on an Android emulator. You’ll need to test on a real device.

This isn’t only an OS X problem: I’ve encountered similar problems (“OUYA Launcher has stopped” and “Can’t play this video”) on Windows too.

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Hmph. Are you saying that the ODK is not intended to be used on the emulator? – Frode Apr 17 '13 at 12:24

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