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I want to change width of sprite dynamically but i can't perform it.!! Here i want to change only my white sprite i want to use these type of facility in my game in using AndEngine I want to display life of player

enter image description here

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I add my code its for temporary code you can change this code set your life of player

    life = 10;
    final Sprite whiteSprite= new Sprite(0, 0, testRegion);
    width = whiteSprite.getWidth();
    scale = width/life;

    Timer timer = new Timer();
    timer.schedule(new TimerTask() {
        public void run() {
            if (width > 0) {
    }, 5000, 1000);
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Thanks a lot . It's working fine.. – Maan Apr 3 '13 at 9:43

I finally found how you can change width or height with modifiers of andengine. Don't think you need it now. But it can be helpful for others.

entity.registerEntityModifier(new SingleValueSpanEntityModifier(duration, fromHeight, toHeight) {
        protected void onSetInitialValue(IEntity pItem, float pValue) {}
        protected void onSetValue(IEntity pItem, float pPercentageDone, float pValue) {
            //where CLASS is the class of your item (Rectangle or Sprite...)
            //as Entity class hasn't width and hight params.
            // pValue is a variable from modifier. So, you write it like that.
        public IEntityModifier deepCopy() throws DeepCopyNotSupportedException {return null;}
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