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How can I render some graphics using XNA to a widget/control in a WPF app? Specifically, I don't need any WPF controls inside the XNA graphics window, I just want to put some controls around it for a level editor.

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Nick Gravelyn explains how to do it on his blog.

Although, if it's just for an editor, you may find using WinForms is easier and better supported.

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Really? I only made the switch because WPF is all the rage. I don't mind WinForms at all actually...never really cared for XAML. Binding is pretty cool though....gotta figure out the equivalent of binding in WinForms... – mpen Nov 8 '10 at 6:14
I don't have a good site suggestion so I'll just provide this google search:… – smack0007 Nov 8 '10 at 19:48

You can use reflection to snag the Direct3D render target handle and hook it up with D3DImage. I've done this successfully with WPF and XNA 3.1, but I had some issues with XNA 4.0 because they changed the surface format mappings. But supposedly other people have gotten it working with XNA 4.0.

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