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Okay, my internal units are going to be meters, ranging between 0.1 and 10 meters for size.

First of all, my mind is all wrapped up in a knot trying to understand how to handle my game with multiple resolutions. I didn't hard code things, but I never tested it and just put it in the back of my mind.

My game is a sidescrolling game, and I think the best approach is to have a fixed viewspace that is x by y units. This way when someone has a different resolution, it'll just stretch out (god I hope it'll look decent though. even though it is a semi-pixelly sort of game).

Having a fixed viewspace means that in PvP, one can't get an edge over others. I guess.

So basically I've got OpenGL, GLM (for matrices) and SDL. I can set the window size in SDL, the viewport size (which would always be win size i imagine). Then I've got my matrices. I use an ortho and a view.

What on earth do I even set them to?

Like, people say "plan your game for 1 resolution and use that, then just switch scale/switch to others if it's different". What should I be setting the ortho matrix to?

I imagine the GUI's ortho matrix should just be set to the window size? I don't see a point in really scaling that at all, just results in headaches anyways.

But the objects in the world and stuff will be in meters..so, that confuses me.

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