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I am planning on making a simple real-time strategy game from the series Stargate Universe. For those who don't know, in the series' center is a spaceship called Destiny. It has a nice control room, with a control interface, what has a holographic control screen. The game basically would run on this. That's what I want to do, easily.

Can you suggest me ANY free 2D engine, what has: - A top-view area for combat and ship management

  • Many UI elements what can be used easily

  • a top-on GUI part, where the actual GUI can be put

  • a nice GUI for putting all together (a game development framework or workbench)

And written in:

  • C#

  • ActionScript (Flash)

It is a bit reverse-like, as at the bottom of the layers would be the UI, over it the buttons, and over them would be the actual playground (battlefields, ship elements, etc).

Can you please help me?

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There are already some similar questions to this. I'll just point you to them.



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