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For a long time I've tried to search for an open source manager game, but without any luck. I'm looking for a suitable project for a reference to my own pet project. Features like well designed data model, tournament and fixture generation and understandable match simulation algorithm would be a great bonuses.

I'm especially interested in game projects like Hattrick and SI Games' Football Manager, although it is irrelevant what the particular sport is. The project should be preferably web-based as Hattrick is.

I've crawled through GitHub and SourceForge, but I found only a few sports simulation projects. Projects, which I have found, were either dead or not fulfilling my wishes.

Do you know any open source manager game / fantasy sports game project, which would be available as open source, OR at least any material, which would be useful when building a such project?

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Score OS came up on the google search. It's open source (Google code).

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Bygfoot is a soccer management game

(does not seem to be very actively developped, though ..)

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