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I imported a custom character and a pistol model to UDK and both work, but the pistol doesn't appear with the animation of the pistol when I shoot or reload... Also, the character doesn't change its animation from its normal posture to the posture animation holding a pistol.

How can I set the character to change the character's animations to animate correctly when holding a weapon? Can I do this in Unreal Kismet or do I need code?

I don't know UnrealScript well; only C++. :/

PS: On AnimSet, the character's posture is correct with a pistol, walking, firing, reloading, everything.

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have you added sockets for weapon placement? also have you applied the textures correctly - from memory you need to have use an existing character class then rename with your new assets - – MephistonX Mar 19 '13 at 8:51
@MephistonX You should make that an answer, since it seems to have been just the thing. – Anko Jan 5 '15 at 18:36

Couple things you can try, first try adding sockets to your character for helping weapon holding/animation.

Then find and existing character class and copy it, then rename the folders/files with your new characters parts.

Find out more about the process here - UDK Custom Characters

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