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Currently I can move AutoParallaxBackground's "ParallaxEntity" in one axis. Like:

final AutoParallaxBackground autoParallaxBackground = new AutoParallaxBackground(0, 0, 0, 12);
autoParallaxBackground.attachParallaxEntity(new ParallaxEntity(0.0f, new Sprite(0, 0, resourcesManager.gameBackgroundRegion, vbom)));
autoParallaxBackground.attachParallaxEntity(new ParallaxEntity(-3.0f, new Sprite(0, 300, resourcesManager.gameCloudFarRegion, vbom)));

This will make the "gameCloudFarRegion" move left to right.

I want to move something from Top to bottom or bottom to top, I mean Y axis.

How can it be done?

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A user on the forums has implemented a custom class for doing this. From their post:

Should be quite flexible, you can tile in just x (as the current parallax background, for side scrollers etc), just y (to make a top down shooter etc), or x & y (repeating starfields for free shooters etc).You can also place individual non repeating items in the background parallax, e.g a distant planet, the castle off in the hills etc.

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