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I've been designing a new OpenGL image algorithm using BC4 textures at its core. It works well accross Windows and Mac, my main targets up to now.

But today, the customer added a new requirement : it should work on iOS too ! I'm starting to worry : is BC4 texture (named GL_COMPRESSED_RED_RGTC1 in OpenGL) supported on iOS devices (tablets & iphones alike) ?

I've read that iOS is OpenGL ES 2.0 capable. But i'm unable to know which textures are supported under this API (except PowerVR ones, which are not compatible with PC & Macs...)

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OK, i guess i have to answer my own question. I have not found a single compressed texture format in common between iOS and PC/Mac. Apparently, the only type of compressed textures supported by iOS are PowerVR-based, which are completely proprietary (e.g. not part of OpenGL standard).

So I guess my question is included in this answer : iOS does not support BC4 textures.

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