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I am creating my first game in Unity for my intra-college game development competition. A hack and slash type of game. It's about a warrior who is escaping from a prison. Setting is medieval times. Thing is, I am looking for 3 free (low poly) animated character models which are appropriate for this game. 1. The hero (has a sword, with optional shield) 2. Basic enemy guard (with sword/ hammer/ other melee weapon, no shields) 3. Boss (with melee weapon) I searched for the above over the last couple of days, but couldn't find them.

My modeling skills are not such that I can create my own character models. However I have managed to create the game levels. Now I am looking for some help with the character models.

Can anyone please link me to the appropriate free models?

Last date of game submission is March 8. So I need the models urgently. Please help.

P.S. The game is slightly inspired by Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

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Welcome to GameDev! Please take a look at our FAQ. Questions asking where free assets can be found are not within the scope. – Cameron Fredman Mar 3 '13 at 23:04

To my knowledge I don't really know of any sites that would give 3d models already animated for free, but you might be able to find some for a low price (if you're willing to spend a bit):

first look on the,

then I would go to,

lastly (but still good),

And if you still can't find any I would have recommend contacting someone or a site and ask to use some animated models for educational use (not commercial). But since this is time sensitive I think buying them or making them (which would take a lot of time) are the only options.

Edit: I found this haven't had time to go through it properly but it may help in your search,

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Thanks for the links. Unfortunately I cannot afford to buy models at the moment. By the way, I had already come across the resource at But I didn't find anything suitable for my project. :-( – gdebojyoti Mar 3 '13 at 21:51
there's also Unimations - but the way you download stuff is just ridiculous... – vexe Dec 10 '13 at 14:12

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