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I use standard android tool for compressing PNG texture and archiving it with gzip:

/android-sdks/tools/etc1tool texture.png --encodeNoHeader
gzip texture.pkm

Then I try to load it:

FileHandle file = ...;
ETC1.ETC1Data data = new ETC1.ETC1Data(file);
ETC1TextureData td = new ETC1TextureData(data, false);
Texture texture = new Texture(td);

But I get an java.nio.BufferOverflowException inside ETC1Data (FileHandle pkmFile) constructor:

  in = new DataInputStream(new BufferedInputStream(new GZIPInputStream(;
  int fileSize = in.readInt();
  compressedData = BufferUtils.newUnsafeByteBuffer(fileSize);
  int readBytes = 0;
  while ((readBytes = != -1) {
      compressedData.put(buffer, 0, readBytes);//Exception occurs here

How to fix it? Thanks.

ps if it's important: unarchived pkm file size is 33KB

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Standard tool from Google is not suitable for compression. But ETC1Compressor works fine.

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