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What are your favorite game development resources for the iPhone? I'll start with cocos2d for the iPhone.

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This question is vague and subjective. What resources are you talking about? They could be anything. – Chris Garrett Jul 15 '10 at 13:25

For 3D games, I like Unity

It allows me to code in C#, and make releases for alot of different targets, including iPhone, Windows, Mac, and their proprietary web browser player.

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Did Unity survive the iOS 4 "non native code" shenanigans in the end? – middaparka Jul 14 '10 at 19:29
That’s what I was wondering myself… – Martín Marconcini Jul 14 '10 at 19:35
So far, yes. Apple doesn't seem to have any specific gripe with Unity. And Unity seems pretty confident about their future on the iPhone. I know that they have had direct talks with Apple. – Kevin Laity Jul 14 '10 at 19:35
Here's the latest info from Unity regarding the aforementioned shenanigans – Kevin Laity Jul 14 '10 at 21:19
Can Unity not be used for 2D games? (or is there a better tool if I want to make 2D games for iPhone/Windows?) – Spooks Mar 3 '11 at 13:48

There's a large wiki-style list of resources for all kinds of aspects of iPhone development here:

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I really like cocos2d. I went from not knowing how to turn on a MacBook to having a multiplayer trivia game working in 5 weeks. Everything is there for a 2d game.

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Binpress has a few complete sources for iPhone games that could be useful both for learning and getting started quickly

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It's worth taking a look at the Airplay SDK - C++ development for iOS (and Android, and a few less significant ARM-based mobile platforms), in Visual Studio.

You can do everything on a Windows PC until the final App Store submission steps, where I believe a Mac is still required.

It's quite impressive. I've only done some basic tests with it so far, but I like what I'm seeing.

The main down-sides appear to be no native debugging on the device (but debugging is available in an emulated ARM build on PC, and in x86 builds), and also the need to use fixed-point math, particularly if drawing anything in 3D (best for performance on cross-platform ARM apps, but does increase development/debugging time somewhat)

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I have just made some games with the cannabalt (flixel for iOS) source

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