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I'm developing a 2D game for windows phone. It will feature rather simple 2D graphics and animations. I can get most things done using XAML an storyboards for animations. The performance is fine as long as the images are cached and I don't use standard user-controls (doesn't seem to work well with animations) and stick to using only canvases and images. I really like how simple it is to create basic animations using storyboards.

However, I'm not sure how far XAML and storyboards will get me. Specifically, I have no idea to do sprite-animations. Is there a way to do sprite animations in XAML?

Is it a bad idea to try create a 2D game in XAML?

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Depends on if you are using a sprite strip or separate images for each frame? Apparently if you use separate images then you could get some flickering happening, especially at load time. However if it is a sprite strip then you can implement it by modifying the Clip and RenderTransform of the source image in your DispatchTimer. Here is a website that explains:

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Thanks. Been looking around and I've come to the conclusion that using sprite strip and modifying render-transform is the way to go. – Pking Feb 21 '13 at 10:59

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