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I want to get started with XNA game development, and I have bought the Pro edition of Visual Studio 2010 so I have the required software to run XNA Game Studio.

How do I get it? Is it released yet?
Is it a free download on some Microsoft site?
Do I have to pay anything? Where?

Edit: Is this it?

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You should add your conclusion as an answer and mark it as accepted. – Tetrad Oct 29 '10 at 15:54
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I found the whole XNA Game Studio 4.0 as a part of the Windows 7 Phone Devkit

(and here's the ISO download if you need to install it on multiple PCs)

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Yep that's the one, just download and install it.

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For XNA 4.0 you have two different downloads. One for users in Windows XP that only includes the XNA 4.0 Framework and another for users in Vista/W7 that includes XNA 4.0 and the WP7 Dev Tools. You can get both from here:

In the XNA Game Studio 4.0 section.

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