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In my game when i touch on advertisements and press back button to return on game the i am getting a black screen. I referred this link.

I tried to change IosGraphics.java but the change is not reflected in monotouch project.

I did the following :

  1. Extracted nightly.zip and opened gdx-backend-iosmonotouch-sources
  2. From there I changed IosGraphicsjava.
  3. I then made a new jar file gdx-backend-iosmonotouch.jar and replaced it with original jar file in the nightly folder.
  4. Compressed all the files from nightly folder in .zip file. Used this .zip file to make a new project throuch gdx-setup-ui.jar. I tried to open my project in monotouch and from com-gdx-backendios.dll i found that the changes in IosGraphics are not being reflected.

Am I missing something? How do I solve this?

I even tried to open gdx-backend-iosmonotouch-sources.jar with winrar and edit IosGraphics.java and save it. Even this didn't work.

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