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I've got an extremely simple vertex shader that Visual Studio 2012 compiles into a .cso file. Now I want to load this file and create a vertex shader on the graphics device using the ID3D11Device::CreateVertexShader function.

So far I have the following code:

ifstream vs_stream;
size_t vs_size;
char* vs_data;, ifstream::in | ifstream::binary);
    vs_stream.seekg(0, ios::end);
    vs_size = size_t(vs_stream.tellg());
    vs_data = new char[vs_size];
    vs_stream.seekg(0, ios::beg);[0], vs_size);

    result = device->CreateVertexShader(&vs_data, vs_size, 0, &m_vertexShader);
        return false;
    return false;

I seem to be able to load the file fine, I get sane values in vs_size and vs_data however CreateVertexShader returns E_INVALIDARG and sets m_vertexShader to null.

How can I fix this error?

note that I can't use anything in the d3dx* headers since they are not supported in the Windows 8 App store

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I found the error:

result = device->CreateVertexShader(&vs_data, vs_size, 0, &m_vertexShader);

Should be

result = device->CreateVertexShader(vs_data, vs_size, 0, &m_vertexShader);

(I wrongly dereferenced the pointer to the data)

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