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I want to make an editor on iOS which will record touch positions into a file. That file (in the .plist format) will eventually be used for positions in my Mac connect-the-dots game.

Can I save one .plist file to my Mac from an iOS app?

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Can you elaborate? Is this a game that's played on iOS and a Mac? I don't really get why you'd need to do this. – Tony Feb 1 '13 at 20:14

No, you cannot do this directly.

You can, however, rely on a standard method of transporting data between machines: the internet. Probably the most straightforward option would be to use either iCloud storage containers or Dropbox's API. Both APIs provide a way you can save files on one device and access them later from another device.

If you want something more "real-time" you could establish manual socket connections between your editor and game and transfer the data that way (at that point you probably don't want to bother sending a whole .plist file, just send the position updates you need).

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