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I am trying to setup the GLES2-AnchorCenter in my eclipse Downloaded andengine , extension and examples listed in Anchor center branch .But not yet succed .

Andengine examples missing an extension named

andengine cocosbuilder extension CC Rotating Sprite extension

But i am not able to find it anywhere.If i am missing the extension please give me a link to get the extension.

In extensions Multitouch extension shows some error with import statement

import org.anddev.andengine.util.SystemUtils;

Actually i am not able to find org.anddev package it self in andegine,

in andengine scripting extensuion it shows error with the statement

import org.andengine.util.color.Color; What are the things I am missing. Do i need to install all thse extensions to get the eample get working?

Please Help me ..........

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1) Here's the CocosBuilder Extension.

2) org.anddev.andengine is an old package name. Are you using the good branch of the Multitouch extension? It should be import org.andengine.util.system.SystemUtils;.

3) You may not use the good branch where there's the error with Color package. It should be import org.andengine.util.color.Color;.

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