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At this topic, "Which image format is more memory-efficient: PNG, JPEG, or GIF?", one of the fellow Game Development community @Panda Pajama told about the complex concept about image memory handling and explained about so called "Texture Atlas". Is is a lot simpler, easier, and a lot better to manage memory if all sprites (e.g. characters, buildings) will be under one roof as if one image file?

@Panda Pajama said that it is depending on the "width x height x bitdepth" and not the type of the file extension of the image based on the VRAM it consumes. I relying on using individual textures and coding in groups based on the criteria from MVC (Model View Control).

Images should be in the image package class while others for image control package. Also, if it's rendering too much images by each texture, would be the same as in texture atlas or not?

One thing, is it also true that running on the app with that specific image I used will be device dependent?

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